Unprecedented flexibility in a compact footprint

Programmable Servo Drives

  • Brushless digital servo drives
  • 4 quadrants
  • Continuous output 4A- 20A
  • CAN Bus, EtherCAT® (CoE)
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The PRO series programmable servo amplifiers are based on the latest digital drive technology and offer a cost-effective, compact and modular solution for controlling rotary or linear brushless stepper or PMDC motors. These amplifiers are available in two designs: PCB-mount (PE models) or built into a self-contained enclosure with pluggable connectors (SA models). With a comprehensive and flexible motion instruction set, these programmable servo amplifiers are a smart solution for a wide range of applications.

Article No. Power supply Continuous current Peak current Power Feature/Option Images 3D Data sheet Order Wishlist
PRO-A08V48 11-50VDC 8A 20A 385W CAN Bus or EtherCAT Order
PRO-Ax0V80A 12-90VDC 10A oder 20A 20A or 40A 385W CAN Bus or EtherCAT Order
PRO-A04V36 9-36VDC 4A 10A 144W CAN Bus Order