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Torque motors

High torque - easy integration

Our direct drive rotary motors deliver high torque and are easy to integrate. They contain high-energy magnets in a simple design and drive loads directly without the need for a transmission mechanism or gearbox. Customers can incorporate them directly into a drive system for flexible placement and easy integration with cooling and cables, for example. We offer a variety of frameless motors, and our rotary tables equipped with an optical encoder, scale, bearing and housing.

Discover our wide range of torque motors:


Compact torque motors

Compact torque motors

  • Stator/rotor kit
  • Compact design
  • Diameter 40 to 90mm
  • High force density
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Frameless torque motors

  • Stator/rotor kit
  • Low cogging
  • Optional watercooling
  • Diameter 110 to 360mm
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Caseless torque motors

  • Low cost
  • Stator/rotor kit
  • Very high torque density
  • Diameter 50 to 80mm
Outer rotor torque motors

Outer rotor torque motors

  • External rotor motor kit
  • 50% higher torque than internal rotor
  • Watercooling
  • Diameter 225 to 335mm