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Wide product range

Our product portfolio offers a very wide range of different electromagnets. From linear solenoids to rotary solenoids or holding solenoids - our range leaves nothing to be desired. The electromagnets are suitable for applications in medical or optical devices as well as closing mechanisms and sorting systems. In close cooperation with you and our partners, we are also happy to develop customer-specific solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience, new projects are realized within a short time.

Our range includes both pure steel (magnetic attraction when energized) and permanent magnet (electrical release) versions of electromagnets. We also offer an optional spring-loaded ejector pin to overcome residual magnetism and optional armature plates as magnetic counterparts for optimum performance.

Discover our wide range of electromagnets:


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Push-Pull Solenoids

  • Stroke up to 30mm
  • Holding force up to 2000N
  • High life time
  • Fast response time
[Translate to English:] small push pull hubmagnet

Small Push Pull Solenoids

  • Compact design
  • Holding force up to 55N
  • Stroke up to 6 mm
  • Fast response time
[Translate to English:] Tubular Hubmagnet

Tubular Solenoids

  • Stroke up to 30mm
  • Holding force up to 80N
  • High life time
  • Pull and push versions
[Translate to English:] super stroke hubmagnet

Super Stroke Solenoids

  • Stroke up to 35mm
  • Optimized for long strokes
  • Holding force up to 24N
  • Replacement for pneumatic cylinders
[Translate to English:] open frame Hubmagnet

Open Frame Solenoids

  • Holding force up to 30N
  • Stroke up to 15mm
  • Life time up to 5 million cycles
  • Many mechanical options
[Translate to English:] Selbsthaltemagnete

Latching Solenoids

  • Permanent magnet (mono/bistable)
  • Powerless on holding position
  • Holding force up to 40N
  • Stroke up to 15mm
[Translate to English:] Drehmagnet

Rotary Solenoids

  • Rotary angle up to 95°
  • Torque up to 13Nm
  • Fast response time <5ms
  • High life time
[Translate to English:] drehmagnet bistabil

Bistable rotary solenoids

  • Rotary angle up to +/-55°
  • Torque up to 0.4Nm
  • High life time
  • Powerless on end position
[Translate to English:] Elektro-Haftmagnete


  • Holding force up to 2100N
  • Power 3 to 12.5W
  • Diameter 25 to 80mm
  • Armature plate as option
[Translate to English:] Proportionalmagnete

Proportional Solenoids

  • For position control
  • Very robust design
  • Force up to 80N
  • Stroke up to 7mm