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Linear sensors

Robust, precise and space-saving linear sensors

Our range of linear potentiometers covers a variety of mechanical and electrical interfaces, so that the best possible constructive as well as electrical integration into your application is possible. The displacement sensors are optimally balanced in their combination with regard to space saving, robustness and precision and detect mechanical measuring distances of up to 4000 mm.

During the consultation meeting, we determine the solution that is suitable for your requirements and make the appropriate adjustments if necessary. We accompany you throughout the entire service life of your application and attach great importance to high delivery reliability.

Discover our wide range of linear sensors:


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Linear Potentiometers

  • Absolute measuring systems
  • Measuring distances up to  2000mm
  • Resolution ≤ 0.01mm
  • Many mounting options
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Magnetostrictive Position Sensors

  • Absolute measuring systems
  • Contactless and robust
  • Measuring distances up to 4000mm
  • Operating pressure up to 500bar
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Inductive Displacement Transducers

  • Robust, absolute measuring systems
  • Resolution down to 20µm
  • Measuring distances up to 940mm
  • Oscillating movements