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Linear actuators

Efficient design, accurate and reliable

All our linear actuators are fully customizable. Choose from our wide range of threads and special material parts. Ball screws are available for application-specific designs. Let us know your application specifications and our team of experienced specialists will help you select or custom design the right motor for your project.

Discover our wide range of linear actuators:


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Ironless linear motors

  • Ironless technology
  • Zero cogging
  • Continuous force 3 to 3050N
  • High dynamic
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Vacuum compatible linear motors

  • Ironless technology
  • For vacuum applications
  • Continuous force 4N to 336N
  • High force density
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Curved linear motors

  • Ironless technology
  • Very flat design
  • High speed
  • High force density
[Translate to English:] eisenbehaftete linearmotoren

Ironcore linear motors

  • Ironcore technology
  • Very low cogging
  • Integrated hall sensor
  • Continuous force 108 to 6190N
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Arrow design linear motors

  • Ironcore linear motor
  • Very low cogging
  • Arrow design
  • Continuous force 20 to 405N
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Compact linear motors

  • Ironcore linear motor
  • Very low cogging
  • Small Size
  • Continuous force 70 to 450N