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The passion for innovative developments in the engineering field for electromechanical components is in our blood: More than 20 years ago, father and son Schaerer, as a medium-sized family business, built up a worldwide network of trustworthy and competent partners. With know-how and dedication to Swiss quality, solutions are created that convince our customers both in precision and from an economic point of view and allow them to survive in their market.

Our task is to guide and motivate all those involved as a rotary transmitter, drive and with the necessary sensors. This is how innovations are created that are convincing today and also the day after tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Our Vision

"Through our product developments and their distribution, we make a significant contribution to future-oriented, technical progress and to innovations that contribute to the well-being of society and the environment."

Our Values

We treat our customers, partners and employees with respect, appreciation and in a solution-oriented manner. We are open to their concerns and endeavor to find a fair, service-oriented solution for all parties involved.
Keeping the high quality of our products and services in focus, we are innovative, progressive and ready to boldly break new ground.

Our Passion

As passionate solution providers, we develop and sell high-quality and economically viable products at fair prices, always working towards the best solution for our customers.


Our team as an important success factor

We live a motivating, appreciative working atmosphere and promote our employees individually as well as strength-oriented. On this basis of trust, each individual is empowered to contribute his or her full potential in a performance-oriented environment.


Good relationships as a central element

Through our goal of presenting our customers with new, innovative and optimized solutions, we motivate our long-standing and trustworthy partners at home and abroad to constantly reflect and develop. We are on the lookout for new cooperations that meet our quality standards and actively promote compliance with and expansion of social and ecological standards.


We care for the environment

Conscious of the need to protect our environment and the constant optimization of our ecological balance sheet, we comply with the ROHS environmental standards as a matter of course and use non-conflict minerals. By means of recycling, waste separation, multiple use of packaging material and a progressive, paper-saving process digitalization, we live a resource-saving handling of any raw materials and materials.


TDS Precision Products GmbH

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Peter Schärer

Peter Schärer

Managing Director
Applications and Technical Sales

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Romina Reale

Head of Office
Marketing and Project Management

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