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Manual setpoint inputs with rotary potentiometer, rotary pulse encoder and rotary encoder

Manual setpoint adjustment requires manual adjusters that have been optimized specifically for this purpose. In particular, the higher confirmation torque prevents unintentional adjustment of setpoints. Our range includes rotary potentiometers as a pre-assembled complete set with adjustment knob or with end stops.

Our rotary encoders offer a wide range of detents and pushbuttons with the possibility to acknowledge a setpoint. Our rotary encoders have mechanical end stops.

The quality is noticeable in that the haptic properties such as cogging torque and shaft play change only slightly even after many 100,000 actuations.

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Optoelectric Handwheel

  • Outstanding haptic
  • Rotary knob and crank
  • 100 detents
  • Small installation depth
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Manual Encoder

  • Compact design
  • Push button switch optional
  • Wide range
  • Low Power