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With our partners at home and abroad we maintain a long-standing, trusting cooperation.
Our innovative spirit and high quality standards continuously drive us to expand our network with additional value-oriented partner companies.

Rotary transmitter

  • DSTI, Dynamic Sealing Technologies Inc: slip rings, rotary unions, tube rotary joints, rotary joints
  • MCPI: rotary inlets, rotary unions, rotary transmitters
  • Servotecnica SpA : slip ring encapsulated, hollow shaft slip rings, Ethernet and RF rotary distributors, optical rotary transmitters, combination with pneumatic and hydraulic rotary joints 

Drive Technology

  • Geeplus Europe Ltd.: linear solenoids, rotary solenoids, holding solenoids, torque motors, stepper motors and voice coil motors
  • ElectroCraft, Inc.: servo amplifiers, permanent magnet DC motors, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, linear drives
  • Akribis Systems GmbH: plunger coil drives, linear and rotary direct drives, brushless servo motors, stepper motors
  • Kvaser Europe AB: CAN-USB Adapter, LIN-USB Adapter, Datalogger
  • Servotecnica SpA, Micro motors, small and compact DC motors Flat motors, DC motors in combination also with gearboxes and encoders


  • MEGATRON Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG: angle sensors, potentiometers, displacement sensors, force sensors, torque sensors, joysticks, trackballs and foot pedals
  • World Encoders, Inc.: measuring wheels, incremental and absolute encoders, electronic handwheels and manual control units

 Positioning technology