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Customized solutions are our core strength

Our actuators are suitable as combinations of a standard motor or are used with an attached mechanical assembly (gearbox, spindle, linear axis). They are also suitable as a fully integrated system consisting of a motor drive and a mechanical part. Special attention should be paid to the operating principles, because often a simple on/off actuator (e.g. solenoid or rotary solenoid) is sufficient, whereas other applications require a servo actuator with mechanical reduction. Other applications require a direct drive servo actuator.

Our voice coil actuators meet the wide range of requirements. We offer you a wide range of actuators in standard designs. However, we are also happy to develop customized solutions in close cooperation with you and our partner.

Discover our wide range of actuators:


linear voice coil actuator

Linear Voice Coil Actuators VM

  • Proportional control
  • High speed
  • Peak force up to 700N
  • Incorporated sliding bearings 
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Linear Voice Coil Actuators AVM

  • High dynamics
  • Frameless
  • Peak force up to 4715N
  • Stroke 5 to 30mm
planar voice coil actuator

Planar Voice Coil Actuators

  • Linear moving coil
  • Very flat design
  • Peak force up to 79N
  • Low hysteresis
Voice Coil Actuator Stages

Voice Coil Actuator Stages

  • Stages incl. cross roller guide
  • Integrated linear encoder
  • Cont. force 4.63 up to 162.4N
  • Stroke 15 to 30mm

Rotary Voice Coil Actuators

  • Various sizes
  • Torque up to 7.06Nm
  • Excursion angle up to 100°
  • Cog free operation
2 Position Actuator

2 Position Actuator

  • Requires no compressed air
  • Requires only 24VDC
  • Very fast response
  • Controllable holding force
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Vibrating Actuators

  • Miniature shaker
  • High force
  • Stroke up to 4mm
  • Maintenance-free