Hollow shaft hinges

Hollow shaft hinges

  • Inner diameter 18 mm
  • 360° rotating movement
  • Lifetime up to 25000 cycles
  • Reliable position control
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The HTH60 hollow shaft friction hinge is an ideal solution when cables need to remain concealed. The integrated hollow shaft with an inner diameter of 18mm allows wires and all common USB, Ethernet and AUX cable connections to pass through. Smooth, premium torque provides reliable position control, requires no adjustment and prevents drift in overhead lighting, articulating arms and monitor mounting applications. The Reell HTH60 Hollow Shaft Friction Hinge provides designers with an easy-to-mount hollow torque hub that allows wire feed-through to electronic equipment and monitors. The HTH60 hollow shaft hinge rotates 360° and attaches to any surface from one side. The 18mm inner diameter allows wires, hoses and connectors to pass through to monitors and other electrical equipment within the axis of rotation, keeping wires out of sight and simplifying overall installation. The HTH60 Hollow Shaft Friction Hinge prevents cables from twisting in examination lamps, magnifier and laboratory lights, as well as in support arm systems of treatment and surgical lights.

Can I get a hollow shaft hinge with a different mounting configuration?
Many manufacturers, including Reell, are able to produce custom configurations for mounting. The additional cost of a custom design must be considered.

Can I get a hollow shaft hinge with detent stops?
We are not aware of any standard friction hinges that currently offer this feature. Reell has developed custom applications with the detent feature in a friction hinge.

Are hollow shaft hinges available with lift assist?
Reell can provide this feature in a custom friction hinge application.

Are corrosion resistant hollow shaft hinges available?
We are aware of one manufacturer that offers an all-plastic adjustable torque hinge. In general, most hinges have internal steel shafts and torque engines that are greased and must be sealed to prevent corrosion. Currently, Reell offers a number of products with o-ring seals to provide weatherproofing. This provides limited protection in an outdoor application but is not suitable for applications requiring submersion in fluids.

Are hollow shaft hinges available with different torques in opposite directions?
Yes. Reell is among several companies that offer products with differential torque between directions.

Are hollow shaft hinges available with adjustable torque?
Several manufacturers offer friction hinges with adjustable torque. Reell does not currently offer a hinge with this feature.

Are hollow shaft hinges available that lock in place?
We are not aware of any standard products with this capability. Reell can provide this feature in a custom hinge application.

Are hollow shaft hinges available with a hollow shaft to allow wires or cable to pass through?
There is one manufacturer we know of that offers this feature in a standard product. Reell has designed this feature into custom applications.

Is there such a thing as a hollow shaft hinge that will allow you to remove one half from the other and reassemble it later? (Example: Remove a door from a cabinet and put it back together without removing the fasteners.)
We are aware of this feature in a non-friction hinge but not in a friction hinge. Reell can provide this feature in a custom hinge application.

If I need fewer cycles (life) in a hollow shaft hinge, can I get a lower price?
Most manufacturers, including Reell, do not offer this flexibility. Reell friction hinges are based on a technology that provides consistent torque over the life of the product. We cannot adjust the life performance of this technology without adversely affecting the torque consistency over that life.

What is the operating temperature range for hollow shaft hinges?
Torque specs are for 20°C testing. Hinges are likely to pass life tests with a limited portion of cycles performed from -40°C to 80°C, but normally will require moderate additional high side torque tolerance at temperature extremes.

Article No. Range of motion Torque Lifetime Finish Feature/Option Images 3D Data sheet Order Wishlist
HTH60 360° 5.5Nm-11.5Nm 20000 cycles Plain Zinc Minimal freeplay Order