Direct drive brushless motor with large through bore

Large hollow shaft rotary table

  • High torque
  • Big hollow shaft
  • Low cogging torque
  • Optional with absolute encoder
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These large hollow shaft rotary tables are available with windings for both low and high speeds. The direct drives are characterized by low cogging torque and very high torque. They have a large through bore and are supplied complete with integral bearing and encoder. Applications are found in machines for operating conveyors, in presses and other industrial machines. Smaller versions can be used to drive robotic arms and in automation in pick-and-place applications, packaging machines and handling equipment.

What is the maximum payload, the engine can move?
According to newtonian law F = ma, the force is proportional to mass and acceleration. As long as the force can overcome the friction force, a heavy mass can therefore be moved with a relatively small force, except that the acceleration of this mass is low. For example, an AUM2-S2 engine with a peak force of 88 N can move a load of 10 kg with a maximum acceleration of 8.8 m/s ² when moving horizontally.

What about the maximum payload in vertical orientation?
In vertical movements, the engine must overcome gravity and additionally provide a force for vertical upward movement (F = mg + ma). In this case, the maximum load is determined by the maximum force divided by 9.81 m/s ². If the vertical force needs to be continuously maintained, the maximum load is the continuous power of the engine. For example, the maximum vertical load of the AUM2-S2 engine is 2.2 kg, since the continuous force of this engine is 22 N. If the load is borne by a counterweight (such as a spring), the AUM2-S2 engine can move a higher load in a vertical position.

What is the top speed of an engine or module?
There is no theoretical limit to the speed of a linear engine, because there is no contact. However, speed is typically limited by the mechanical bearings. For example, the maximum speed for linear control systems with rails and guide cars is usually limited to 5m/s. Therefore, the speed for linear motors in most applications is limited to 5m/s. The use of ceramic ball bearings allows speeds of up to 10m/s. By using air bearings, higher speeds can also be possible.

What is the maximum length of a linear engine?
There is no length limit for linear motors. This is because the engine tracks can be connected to each other in sections. The linear rails can also be connected to each other. The linear scale for donor repatriation can be delivered in large lengths as well. Therefore, linear engine applications can be built up to 20m or even longer.

What happens to a linear motor, if the power supply is suddenly cut off?
If the current is suddenly interrupted, a linear motor can move on under its own inertia, until it encounters the final attack or comes to a halt due to friction force. This is not usually a problem, but it can be a problem for some applications. It is possible to install a brake with the linear motor, which will be activated, when power interrupts. In this way, the engine can stop immediately. Such a brake is typically installed on the rails of the linear guidance.

Are linear motors suitable for cleanroom applications?
Linear Motors can be used in cleanroom environments. In fact, many front-end semiconductor applications have linear motors in use. In wafer manufacturing plants, high-precision lithography machines, for example, use linear motors in XY positioning tables with very high accuracy (nanometer resolution) and submicron accuracy in cleanroom classes according to ISO 2.

How does the magnetic field of linear motors affect?
The magnetic field has a very low range. The field strength decreases with the third potency of the distance.
After about 100mm, the magnetic field is weaker than the geomagnetic field. If the magnetic trajectories are still shielded by iron, for example at the torque engines, virtually no magnetic field can be measured outside the housing.

Article No. Diameter Through bore Peak torque Speed Feature/Option Images 3D Data sheet Order Wishlist
ADR110-B113 110mm 32mm 5.8Nm 2000 rpm Very low cogging torque Order
ADR110-B136 110mm 32mm 12.6Nm 2000 rpm Very low cogging torque Order
ADR135-B121 135mm 48mm 15.5Nm 1350 rpm Very low cogging torque Order
ADR135-B148 135mm 48mm 32.9Nm 745 rpm Very low cogging torque Order
ADR175-B143 175mm 72mm 47.2Nm 880 rpm Very low cogging torque Order
ADR175-B180 175mm 72mm 98.6Nm 470 rpm Very low cogging torque Order
ADR220-B167 220mm 87mm 137.9Nm 540 rpm Very low cogging torque Order
ADR220-B217 220mm 87mm 284.6Nm 260 rpm Very low cogging torque Order