Responding to market demands for miniature components with prices to match, we have altered the manufacturing process our popular 12mm bistable rotary solenoid BRS1212-95 in order to provide savings of up to 50% for volume applications.

Primarily used in ‘flagging ‘or shutter applications, the solenoid incorporates an end stop. When used in conjunction with a lightweight shutter blade, the solenoid is ideally suited for blocking laser, infrared and other forms of light. Commonly used to block apertures ranging from a few millimetres to more than an inch in diameter, this device facilitates simple implementation of shutter and filter applications in imaging equipment or fluid analysis machines.

Activated by a pulse of 1/4 W or less for 10ms in the forward or reverse direction, the device will hold in either end position with no power applied. The ability to hold without power makes this device suitable for use in applications operating from battery power. Low energy usage prevents heating and this enables it to be used in close proximity to temperature sensitive media or sensors.

In addition to applications in infrared cameras, medical and scientific instruments, laser technology, optical fiber switches and surveillance cameras, these miniature rotary solenoids also find applications in small status indicators for aerospace and other equipment.

Bistable rotary solenoid BRS1212-95