• 847 joysticks in harsh environmental conditions

    Joysticks that are used in harsh environmental conditions must be robust, and they must also implement the control commands with precise movements. The new 847 Hall-effect finger joystick from MEGATRON, which is available in two sizes, is ideally suited to these requirements: it has an IP67 protection rating, a pleasant soft-touch feel, and it is incredibly durable, with a lifetime of around 10 million movement cycles.


    Responding to market demands for miniature components with prices to match, we have altered the manufacturing process our popular 12mm bistable rotary solenoid BRS1212-95 in order to provide savings of up to 50% for volume applications.

  • SC040 Rotary Transmitter without Mercury

    Many packaging machines used in the food and pharmaceutical industries still make use of mercury-containing rotary transmitters. Should well-used machines develop leaks at the seals, this translates into potential danger for people and the environment. LTN Precision Products GmbH, an experienced provider of electromechanical components related to industrial control and drive technology, has now an environmentally protective alternative. The SC040 Slip-Ring enables a high electricity and data transmission rate combined with compact dimensions. It is therefore in a position to replace mercury transmitters, especially when it comes to sensitive applications such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • One angle sensor for different angles of rotation

    The new SPOT25S Hall-effect single-turn rotary encoder with an analogue output is programmed directly by the customer on the application using a DIP switch. Only one angle sensor for different angles and directions of rotation is required for commissioning in the field. This reduces manufacturing costs, simplifies logistics and optimises cycle times. Thanks to its compact case diameter of 25 millimetres, the angle sensor is particularly well-suited for use in drive units for position feedback. This, in combination with its long service life, translates into excellent value for money.