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Our actuators are suitable as combinations of a standard motor or are used with an attached mechanical assembly (gearbox, spindle, linear axis). They are also suitable as a fully integrated system consisting of a motor drive and a mechanical part.Special attention must be paid to the principles of operation, because often a simple on/off actuator (e.g. solenoid or rotary magnet) is sufficient, whereas other applications require a servo actuator with mechanical reduction and some applications require a directly driven servo actuator, for which our voice coil actuators are best suited.Our range includes a wide variety of actuators in standard designs. We are also happy to develop tailor-made solutions in close cooperation with you and our partner.

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Voice Coil Actuators

The VM series of voice coil motors is designed for applications where excellent control characteristics are required for short strokes, bidirectional linear drives, e.g. in medical or optical equipment. Moving coil actuators can develop force in both directions by reversing the polarity of the excitation. Very important is the very low hysteresis, which is typically two orders of magnitude smaller than proportional solenoids. This and the actuator's flat force characteristics make this possible for applications requiring precise force and/or position control, such as control valves, lens and mirror positioning systems.
Our voice coil actuators are available without shaft and bearing. We are also happy to design complete customer-specific solutions with you.
The most important characteristics of voice coil drives are:

- Proportional position control: variable position 1 to 100mm / up to 45°.
- high speed: vibration or marking
- high efficiency: battery-powered systems, backup systems, temperature-sensitive media
- Controllability: Linear or rotary movement with low noise level or low shock at mechanical end stop
- low hysteresis: control systems with high repeat accuracy

  • Linear actuators
  • Without guiding
  • Peak force up to 1450N
  • Very low hysteresis
  • Linear actuators
  • Integrated bearing
  • Peak force up to 600N
  • High dynamic
  • Rotary actuators
  • Torque up to 20Nm
  • Rotary angle up to 120°
  • Cog-free motion
  • Guided modules
  • Continuous force 5-74N
  • Linear Encoder 1µm
  • Stroke 15-30mm

Vibration Actuators

  • Miniature Shaker
  • High force
  • Displacement up to 3-4mm
  • Maintenance-free
Customized versions on request