SC040 Rotary Transmitter without Mercury

Many packaging machines used in the food and pharmaceutical industries still make use of mercury-containing rotary transmitters. Should well-used machines develop leaks at the seals, this translates into potential danger for people and the environment. LTN Precision Products GmbH, an experienced provider of electromechanical components related to industrial control and drive technology, has now an environmentally protective alternative. The SC040 Slip-Ring enables a high electricity and data transmission rate combined with compact dimensions. It is therefore in a position to replace mercury transmitters, especially when it comes to sensitive applications such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Slip Ring replaced Mercury


The new solution is based on a classical slip-ring with a bearing made of steel, which, due to carefully designed components, makes due without mercury and virtually meets the same high requirements concerning service life and reliability of data and energy transmission. The energy and signal transmission between the stator and rotor is reliably carried out via sliding gold-on-gold contacts. The need for maximum service life received special attention during development. It can replace mercury rotary transmitters in existing machines without any complications, as it has an interface compatible with rotary transmitters of well-known manufacturers often used in packaging machines.


Slip ring data: SC040

Compliance:                              RoHS, mercury-free

Contacts:                                   Gold - Gold

Number of rings:                     6 signal or load rings

Current:                                      up to 15 A

Voltage:                                     240V

Outer diameter:                      40mm

Working temperature:         -20°C to 80°C

SC040 slip ring with gold-gold technology