New PRO Serirs Programmable Servo Drive

The PRO Series Programmable Servo Drive are based on a new design concept offering a cost effective and modular solution to integrates all the basic motor control functions and the motion control functionality in a single compact package.

The drive has been designed to integrate with the core of the closed-loop rotary stepper, closed-loop stepper-based linear actuator and brushed or brushless motors (400W at 48V). The PRO Series drive comes standard with CAN / CANopen interface and can operate as a single-axis motion controller. Autonomously running the program as an intelligent slave executing motion sequences triggered by input lines. The motion capabilities include position or speed profiles (trapezoidal, S-curve), electronic gearing and camming. The drives can operate with a wide range of feedback devices. Configuration, tuning, programming and troubleshooting of the Advanced Integrated Motor Drive is accomplished using the powerful graphical user interface, MotionPRO Suite. LTN Precision Products GmbH develops and produce a wide range of motors, sensors and rotary joints matching to the servo amplifiers.


PRO-A08V48, 8A and PRO-A04V36 with 4A current