TDS Precision Products GmbH

TDS Precision Products GmbH is an independent, innovative and flexible company in the field of rotary unions, drive systems and sensors. Our company is family-owned and was founded in September 2000. (Former LTN Precision Products GmbH)

In close co-operation with our partners, we develop and distribute rotary joints, electrical slip rings, DC motors, stepper motors, voice coil actuators, amplifiers, controllers, solenoids, optical encoders, resolvers, angle sensors, linear sensors, force transducers, joysticks, wrap spring clutches, hinges, USB-adapter and data logger for CAN BUS networks.

With our wide product range, we are able to offer both, standard and bespoke solutions to customer requirements.

Owing to the experience of our qualified employees and the successful co-operation with our suppliers, we achieved a position of leadership in our market segment.

Our aims are high quality, on-time deliveries, continuous improvements and above all long-term customer satisfaction.

We take pride in the level of support that we give to our customers on both current and new projects.


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