High-precision Force Sensors


The KM801 / KT803 and KM701 / KT703 force sensors from MEGATRON are ideally suited in applications for measuring switching and actuating forces. Since the sensors work according to the bending beam principle and are equipped with strain gauge full bridges, they provide highly accurate measurement results. Some versions also have a measuring amplifier and are nevertheless compact.

High-precision force sensors for tension and compression

The KM801 / KT803 force sensor has a nickel-plated steel measuring body and can absorb forces of up to 5 kN. It is available in two versions for the introduction of forces of 0...2 kN or 0...5 kN. The smaller KM701 / KT703 has a measuring body made of aluminium and can be used for a nominal load of max. 1 kN. It is available in three versions for force introduction of 0...0.2 kN, 0...0.5 kN and 0...1 kN.

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